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XPERT Fitness was founded over 10 years ago, starting out with just one pole program it has expanded into multiple of disciplines. XPERT is the only teacher training powered by XPOLE International, the No1 Pole & Aerial equipment manufacturer worldwide.

XPERT Fitness is an advocate of face-to-face training and strives on taking the time to really drive safe and effective learning across all aspects of pole and aerial fitness, standardising our industry along the way yet making safety one of its top priorities.

During the pandemic we had to learn how to adapt, and so our online self-learning and live online courses were created. We wanted to make sure that you still had the same great in-depth content but could learn from your home.

The Pole & Aerial industry has expanded at a rapid pace. Along with its team of highly skilled instructors, XPERT endeavour to bring you the best quality training in the industry whether it be face to face or online.

Recognised by over 8 fitness organisations across the globe and partnered with 3 of the world’s major insurance companies, taking an XPERT training is one of the best moves you can make in your teaching career.
Our manuals are not just one person’s view on how things should be taught, but a collective of over 25 trainers bringing their knowledge and expertise to create this powerful learning tool.
With its unique teaching method and in-depth material, you know when you take the XPERT training that you are getting the most up to date information in the industry. All our manuals are updated at least once a year and you as an XPERT member can receive the updates for free.