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Renee Guay is the Founder of Higher Flow — A Transformational Lifestyle Brand that inspires and empowers you to connect to your Higher spiritual self and discover your own unique Flow in life! She is a Human Potential Development Coach, Temple Body Feminine Leader/Guide, Movement Medicine Facilitator, Performing Artist, and Visionary/Creator/Leader of conscious events, retreats, & residencies all over the world combining empowerment coaching, movement arts, spiritual healing, and conscious entrepreneurship. Her mission is to provide you with the tools to manifest your own dream life by aligning with your inner passions and purpose while creating an abundant lifestyle that is full of radiant energy, profound happiness, vibrant health, and true freedom. Renee supports teachers, healers, artists, and soulpreneurs to reach their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and in their business while having fun in the process and making a profound impact on others. By leading a life abundant in her own energetic potential, through mind, body and spirit, it is inevitable that she has the innate ability to inspire others to follow their own bliss and influence them to be the best version of themselves!

Goddess Renee is a wild woman and her intention is to follow her bliss. She knows that when she’s following her heart's deepest desires the universe opens doors for her. She is a passionate creature who loves to move her body, expand her mind, and connect to spirit. She’s all about the evolution and growth of her consciousness and the collective. Renee aligns with this purpose and connects to it daily. She knows that by living her dream life, she is inspiring others to realize that they are capable of manifesting a life of abundance. Renee is here to bring the spiritual into the material world through her Higher Flow business that empowers people to remember they are an individualized expression of Goddess or God and to embody this in their every day lives!

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