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Kerri Kresinski is an aerialist, dancer, choreographer, and coach. She has been performing and teaching acrobatics, dance, and aerial arts for over 20 years. Her life’s work, as an artist and teacher, has been to develop and deepen her study of the body—physically, emotionally and spiritually.  She has learned that anything is possible with patience, discipline and a positive attitude.  She is truly a unique performer, engaging, thrilling, and moving audiences with her skills, style, and heart.

Kerri has always been the most passionate about movement.  She started dance lessons when she was 3 years old and over the next 25 years studied theater, acting, music, circus acrobatics and aerial arts.  Her professional career as a multi-disciplinary performer brought her to shows and festivals all over the world.  She feels that the body is the gateway to the higher powers for healing, transformation and expression.

Technique and physical strength didn’t come naturally to Kerri’s body, but her insatiable appetite for understanding the body helped her to figure it out.   She has developed techniques using active flexibility, strength, and physics to work with physical movement and goals.

Kerri’s technical expertise comes from working with students of all ages, shapes, sizes, and challenges. She loves to figure out the best route for each individual, celebrating successes big and small.   She has learned that anything is possible with patience, discipline, self-awareness, and a positive attitude..

Kerri’s knowledge of anatomy, physics, injury prevention, creative problem solving, and realistic goal setting makes her one of the most masterful coaches of her time.

Kerri teaches her students how to own their practice. Focusing on fundamental elements of technique, anatomy, and the physics of movement, her students learn how to train. Kerri goes beyond teaching skills and sequences. She teaches how to identify, alter, and create your own skills and sequences, and best of all how to fully embody the movement of each skill in the most satisfying way for the doer and the viewer. Technique, balance, stability, mobility, movement pathways, creativity, 360 degree movement, musicality, originality, intentional movement, elements of surprise and awe, and a deep connection to humanity is what you will get if you work with Kerri.

It is Kerri’s life’s purpose to support people in finding joy in their lives and make choices that serve them physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically, to reduce stress and allow space to wake up all that is possible in this life.  When we climb into our bodies with curiosity and joy, we cultivate self awareness that can open us up to creating a life that is better than we could have ever imagined.

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