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Emma is an aerialist from and based in Liverpool, England with years of international teaching and performing experience. Her dance background supports her creativity on all apparatus, especially silks, hoop and rope on which she has her own expressive style. She has performed in various shows with Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre in Ireland and All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre in Scotland. She has performed in places such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Norway and Australia alongside creating her aerial company Tangled In Air where she shares her creative flare. Though she still loves performing and creating she has also branched out into other areas.

From living and working in different places across the world she discovered lots of things that connected the web of aerial enthusiasts across the world. From the favourite move in the kids classes to the independence and drive of its participants. This fascination in these universal findings pulled Emma towards studying the psychology of aerialists in a Masters degree. Her research pool spanned hundreds of aerialists across the globe resulting in fascinating findings on a, usually overlooked, group of specialists. This brought to light the support needed for those practicing the dangerous and highly skilled art form. Emma has since used her findings to design workshops and an online course as support for the aerial community to connect and taking the pressure of going at it alone in a new segment of her company called Untangled.

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