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Where did I learn handstands? - Hard to say. Through sports such as ballet, children's gymnastics, vaulting and cheerleading, which accompanied me through my childhood and youth, body tension and balance in various orientations (including upside down 😛 ) have long been part of my movement repertoire.


During my sports studies in Munich, I accidentally found handstand stilts/canes, whereupon I was asked if I could do a small show with them at a university event. This started my first slightly more focused training phase in the handstand area, so that I was able to show a reasonably respectable program.


In 2018 I met other hand balancers at the Original Muscle Beach in Los Angeles and got to know numerous new variations and technical aspects. In addition, I learned to "play" with the handstand, to become creative myself, to create different ascents and balance challenges.

Since then, the fascination and joy of handstand training has not let go of me and I have rather enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience and motivating others to do handstands and accompanying them along the way 🙂

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