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Created and produced by Aaron Koz, of CircSci, the Level 1 Straps Teacher Training draws on over 10 years of aerial and movement instruction experience in the field. Key information will be shared via lectures, group discussion, and embodied practical application of the concepts addressed – lesson and curriculum development, skills, spotting techniques, safety, anatomy, injury prevention, creativity, progression, grip strength training, and dynamic and strength technique and teaching tips.

The training aids aerial teachers in building their teaching and periodization knowledge as well as straps style techniques (using straps and other apparatus!). During the training, participants will learn a range of static straps skills, transitions, relevant progressions/regressions, and spotting/self-spotting techniques. The training has been built in collaboration from Australian and US physical and myotherapists focusing on injury risk reduction.

The training is geared towards scalability and building lesson plans that allow for safe progression for yourself or for students in a group class (without solely being a straps conditioning class, building strength and pathways over time). Functional anatomy/physiology and appropriate strengthening/injury prevention will also be covered to build awareness of encouraged biomechanics specific to static and dynamic straps-style skills.


Students will, over the course of the 8 weeks, have:

– Independent study (lectures, video tutorials, and homework – 10-15 hours

– Skill and progression practice – 10-15 hours

– Video reviews and peer assessment/analysis – 5-10 hours

– Live Zoom class – 10-12 hours

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