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Our Story

Based above Dunnes on Exchequer Street in Dublin City Centre, Aerial Cirque is a home for budding and professional aerialists.  We teach adult and children’s aerial classes and provide stunning high end aerial performances for festivals, corporate events, launches, night clubs, runways, weddings, and more.

The Studio

We have a beautiful studio on Exchequer Street in an old dilapidated Victorian building. It needed a lot of love and care when we took it over, and that's exactly what we gave it. For me, the studio itself is a work of art. From exposing the decades through rainbows of plaster to discovering a fireplace and finding old buttons between the century old tongue and groove floor boards, the studio continues to inspire me to create and choreograph.  It's a constant project that we're working on, so don't be surprised if it looks a bit different from the last time you came to visit.

Create with Us!

Based in Dublin, Aerial Cirque is a space where many aerial artists and theatre groups create, research, and develop their ideas through focused residencies.

We offer residences for periods of focused work which can range from 2 weeks to 1 day to a block of one-off hours.

We are a space run by professional aerial artists and we know what is required to create great work! We’re constantly reinvesting in the studio and its equipment to bring to access the best of what there is to offer in the aerial world.

Aerial Specs

7m high ceilings with quad truss
top of the range aerial and rigging equipment
foam jigsaw mat flooring
seven 8' X 4' X 12" safety mats
1 x pit pillow for dynamics and falls from height
7 x aerial points

5 x 5:1 pulley systems rigged for rescue
2 x hard rigged points
swivels on every point

The Experience

exclusive use so you can focus, get creative, and feel safe

most studios in Ireland offer a shared space for residencies
warm studio during winter months
windows for cross flow of air in summer months
mini kitchen with microwave, kettle, sink
beautiful space with stained glass window
2 studios: 1 aerial studio + 1 low ceiling studio

Studio Environment