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Aaron Koz is an online (and previously traveling) aerial and circus coach. He produces CircSci, and. is author of the e-manuals; All Apparatus C-Shaping, The Aerial Spinning Reference Guide, and C-Shaping At Home, as well as co-author of Couch To Aerial Fitness and Aerial Straps Level 1 Teaser. His work with live and online students (and e-manuals) is guided by his background in psychology/neuroscience, strength training, and teaching for over 10 years.

Moving from Washington, D.C. to NYC, he started at Circus Warehouse’s intensive program, and since has studied under elite coaches in SF, Montreal, and Mexico. He draws from his background in neuroscience to augment his work as a coach and personal trainer and collaborates heavily with physical therapists to help augment and structure his teaching offerings. He has performed and taught internationally in places like Ireland (Irish Aerial Dance Festival), Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. Aaron worked as Physical Therapy Technician for ACRO Physical Therapy with Angie Prescott, DPT, CSCS (consultant for The Aerial Spinning Reference Guide), and teaches workshops, retreats, and  teaching residencies.

He has also completed Alex Allan’s 30-hour Dynamic Rope Teacher Training and a 50+ hour Rocket Yoga Teacher Training.

Locations Taught: All over North America, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Upcoming Locations: all over the US.

Booking online and in-person workshops for summer/fall 2021.

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